Relations & Lookups

The relationship allows you to link records that have a relation between them. This is particularly helpful when you have multiple tables of related items or concepts. For example, if you have a table of products and a table of categories, you can use a related field to link each product to the category to that they belong.

There are two main types of relationships in Kozmik, single and multiple relationships.

Single relations (One-to-Many)

This means that one record has a relationship with multiple other records in a different Table. For example, a single product can have a single category.

Multiple relations (Many-to-Many)

This means that records from both tables can link to multiple records from another table. For example, it's possible that a single product can have multiple categories.


The Lookup allows you to pull record contents of the linked record into a new column through the relation column. For example, let's say you want to see the description of a category on the Product Detail screen. To do this, you must first add a relation column that uses the Category table on the Product table. Then, you can add a Lookup column using this relation for the description field.

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