Elements located just below the Screens allow you to add the abilities you need to the screen. You can reach element settings by selecting an element or you can remove it by clicking 3 dot icons. You can adjust the order of elements' appearance on the screen with drag and drop.

Elements and Column Types

There are defined relationships between the column types used in the tables and the elements added to the screens. For example, if there is an image-type column in your table, the image-containing elements you add to the screens directly show the content in this column.

Add an element to the screen

The Elements section under Screens allows you to add, edit, and delete elements on the selected screen.

Click + next to the Elements title to see all elements.

Element Order

You can adjust the display order of the elements on the screen with drag and drop.

Element Settings

Each element has its settings. By selecting the element you want to edit, you can customize its settings such as content, design, and action.

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