By creating a new app or selecting an app, you get to the Kozmik Builder. Builder navigation:

Top Bar

You can return to the dashboard by pressing the back button on the left side of the app name. Next to the application name is a label that indicates the application release status. With the device options in the middle, you can test the appearance of the app on different devices. The Publish button on the right allows you to publish your application.

Left Bar

Contains 4 areas that allow you to improve your application


Create, view, and update your data with tables

Tables allow you to enter data to display to app users or to collect the data that they input into the app.


List your screens and each element within each screen. Add and edit them.

Screens allow you to visualize the tables in your app to build a custom user experience.


Edit app info, theme, splash screen, and integrations settings


Invite users to your application, manage their roles, and track their status.


Publish allows you to distribute your app in different channels. Apps built in Kozmik can be published to both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store or to published as Mobile Web App (PWA).

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