List Types

List types are the most common element typically found in almost every application. You can search for people, products, categories, events, etc. It can be used to list everything.

Each list element is sourced from a table, and the records of that table are represented as a list item. You can arrange the contents you want to present in the list view by matching the columns of the relevant table.

Detail Screens

You can add more detailed information you want to give on the Detail screens of the List. Detail screens correspond to the records in the table, and the contents of the relevant record in all columns can be presented with an element on the detail screens.

Kozmik, automatically creates detail screens for each added list element. You can add and edit the elements you want to show by visiting the detail screen of any element. All changes made are directly reflected on all detail screens of the list.

List Settings


A table is selected as the source for all list-type elements. In any list element, the records of the table you selected are listed as a list item.


Under the Content heading, you select which column you want the added element to display in the relevant table.

If there is no column type suitable for the element in the table, you can make the element visible by adding a column of the appropriate type to the table.

In case there is more than one column of the same type, you can continue by selecting the desired column.

In the selection areas where you see the pencil icon, you can add and edit the content you want to present here. In this case, the information is not added to the tables.


Actions are the part where you choose what happens after the user interacts with the element.


Each element provides several alternatives for you to customize its appearance. Try options and decide which one is best for you.


In the “Options” section; You can limit the number of items shown in the list view. When you limit your list, the “See All” button and the “All” screen are automatically created. By enabling the search bar, you allow users to search for items within the list. You can customize the search bar placeholder.

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