Publish as Web App (PWA)

A PWA, or a Progressive Web App, is a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications.

Publishing as a PWA allows you to distribute your app without having to go through the app store approval process. Since you access a PWA with a link, it can also be easily shared amongst users.

To publish your app as a Web App (PWA), click the Publish button at the top bar of the builder, and then click Web App (PWA) to start to publish process.

The Publish button on the popup screen will be active after you enter the info about user access and your domain. Then you can publish your app by clicking the Publish button, this process will take a few seconds.

Once the app build is successful, you can view the unique URL provided to you in the resulting pop-up. You can share this URL with anyone. Anyone with the URL can access your Web App (PWA).

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