Button Types

The buttons enable the actions you specify with user interaction to take place.

It enables actions such as opening a new screen or link, saving, deleting, and canceling, as well as actions such as calling, sending messages and e-mails.

Button and Button Group

You can add a button to the screen with the Button element, and two buttons with different functions side by side with the Button Group element.

Button Settings

Title: Write the text you want to show on the button.

Icon: You can add it to the button by choosing one of the icon options.

Actions: Learn more about actions

You can customize the button appearance with Style and Corner selections.

Phone Button

It allows the user to directly make a call or send a message if the button is pressed.

Email Button

It allows the user to send email directly if the button is pressed.

If the user presses the button, it allows the user to reach the link you specified directly through the web browser.

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